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TM4Y Domain Name Registration FAQ
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Keywords in a Domain Name
KeyWords in a Domain Name 
by Robert Skelton, IDE,
July 2003

Do search engines care?
Of course they do. Think of all the things you can easily do to tweak your ranking once Google has indexed your site, a few other sites have linked to it, and it is listed in Open Directory. Want to change a paragraph of text, or a page title? Dead easy. Change the background color, the font? Done.

The hardest to change is your domain name. A domain name is as close to a commitment you will ever get from a webmaster. Everything starts with the domain name, and the words you choose for it are important to you, and they reflect either the name of your site, or its topic. Search engines know this, and they give weight to the words in your domain name.
I want to register a domain as well as buy hosting
I want to register a domain as well as buy hosting. Do you register domains as well?
Domain Name Registration Considerations
Is registering your domain name really the first step when setting up your website? Not quite. Hopefully you had done your research first to identify your niche keywords.

What, you may ask, does selecting the right keywords have to do with selecting a domain name? Well... everything....