Business Hosting

Business Hosting

1000MB of disk space together with 100 emails make the business hosting option the ideal one for your established and growing business. Almost 100% uptime and close on 24x7 support makes it the ideal option for stability and support.

Only R114 per month

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We offer reliable and secure hosting for your Small Business Website.

Your business website requires enough space for its corporate website, as well as enough email addresses to cater for the growing business. You also need stability and support

Let's look at the requirements for hosting a business website in more detail:

Business Hosting
  • You want to have enough disk space and bandwidth to be able to expand your website as your business grows. We offer 1000MB of hard disk space to start with. If you require more disk space later, contact us to find out about a bigger package.  We can expand with your website growth. Since our hosting server is located off-shore, bandwith is not restricted in the same way that bandwidth is restricted on South African infrastructure.
  • You would like to have the ability to add enough emails to serve your business needs. We start you off with a generous 100 emails. If your company grows beyond that and you require more emails - talk to us!
  • You want to know that your hosting is reliable and that your website will be available at (almost all!) times. While no hosting provider can promise 100% uptime, we do provide for 99.5% uptime.
  • You would like to be able to track your website performance. Part of our hosting package is the website statistics package Awstats. With this package you do not need a 'Hitcounter' on your site (Hitcounters are old fashioned in any case!). With Awstats, you can measure how many Unique Visitors, how many Visitors, how many Visits, how many Pages and how many Hits your website receives. You can also see from which countries these visits originates and which pages are the most popular on your site. You can also see which search engines were used to find your site, as well as which keywords were used in searches to find your site. Invaluable information for any business website owner indeed!
  • You would like to have access to scripting and database tools to build your website and expand its functionality. You have to realise that the best performing websites are those that are updated regularly, and that offer some type of interactive functionality to interact with visitors. You can install scripts such as Wordpress to maintain a blog and add regular content to your website (search engines just love blogs, and you will find that you have lots more visitors if you maintain a blog), or you can install a variety of other software available either from our Fantastico installer panel, or from free downloads from a variety of websites on the Internet (Hotscripts, and so forth). These free scripts all require PHP and MySQL and you have both of these available. In fact, you have 100 MySQL databases available (you have to remember that each of these scripts require a separate MySQL database).
  • You would like to be able to control your domain through an easy-to-use, world renowned control panel. The CPanel control panel gives you full control over your domain and offers you the ability to make your own backups (although we do run server backups as well), as well as the ability to set up your own emails, password protect directories, set up CRON jobs and a host of other functions.
All Our Hosting packages include the following features:
Web Based Control Panel

Pop3 Email Accounts Shopping Cart Software
Email Forwarders CGI, Perl, PHP, Java
Mailing Lists   SSI(Server Side Includes)
Auto Responders MySQL Databases  
Web Mail Access PHPMyadmin
FTP Accounts Cron Jobs
Password Protected files Web Based Statistics
SMTP Mail Server MS Frontpage Extensions
Real Audio/Video Anonymous FTP  

In summary, our Business Hosting package gives you all the facilities that you would need to run your business website with confidence. 

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