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Standard Hosting Plan

Standard Hosting

Choose this plan if you are serious about your website - with 500MB of hosting space you cannot go wrong

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Use this option if you are planning on building your own site using something like Wordpress or Joomla. These are Content Management Systems that allow you to build and maintain your own website.Joomla and Wordpress are available for installation in the Fantastico control panel.

Joomla Hosting

But you probably want to know what a Content Management System (CMS)? A Content Management System is a tool that you can use to:
  • Build a website
  • Update and maintain your website content after it has been built. 

Two of the most popular Content Management Systems in use today on millions of websites, are Joomla and Wordpress.

Use Wordpress if:

  • Your site is relative straight forward with regards to content structure
  • You do not want to install complex extensions such as shopping carts, community forums or photo galleries

Wordpress is easier to learn for a novice, but can limit you with regards to what you want to do with your site in the end

Use Joomla if:

  • Your site has lots of content distributed across various categories and sub-categories of information
  • You have a complex site with lots of required extensions such as member management, forums, shopping carts etc

Joomla has a much steeper learning curve. There are lots of tutorials available on the web,and you can find tutorial videos for almost every extension available, on Youtube

All Our Hosting packages include the following features:
Web Based Control Panel

Pop3 Email Accounts Shopping Cart Software
Email Forwarders CGI, Perl, PHP, Java
Mailing Lists   SSI(Server Side Includes)
Auto Responders MySQL Databases  
Web Mail Access PHPMyadmin
FTP Accounts Cron Jobs
Password Protected files Web Based Statistics
SMTP Mail Server MS Frontpage Extensions
Real Audio/Video Anonymous FTP  

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