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Guide to uploading your Microsoft Publisher Site

Firstly, we want to state up front that we do NOT recommend people use Microsoft Publisher to build their websites. It really is not the best tool. You would be better off to either use our built in site builder that comes standard with all our hosting packages (RVSitebuilder) or learn how to use something like Wordpress (that can be installed quickly and easily from our Fantastico installer).

But we realise that you might just want to get something out there quickly, and it is not the easiest thing in the world to upload a Microsoft Publisher site - depending on some factors.

These factors are whether your hosting account has Frontpage Extensions installed or not. If your website has Frontpage Extensions, you need to publish your site directly from Publisher onto the web server else certain functionality such as interactive forms (web forms) will not work.

The steps for doing so are as follows:

  1. On the File menu, click Publish to the Web.
  2. In the File name box in the Publish to the Web dialog box, type the URL of the Web or network server where you want to save your Web site, and then click Save. This would then typically be your website address, such as
  3. If prompted, type your user name and password, and then click OK - this is your Cpanel username and password that you have received in your Account information email from your hosting company
  4. In the File name box, select index as the default name for your home page, and then click Save.
  5. When prompted, click OK.
We do offer Frontpage Extensions but these are not automatically turned on for all domains for security reasons. Please contact us directly through our support email to have Frontpage extensions installed for your domain

If you are hosting with a host that does not supply Frontpage extensions, you might find it difficult to publish directly to that hosting server. You can still upload the files through an FTP manager, but your interactive forms will not work

Here are instructions for uploading a Microsoft Publisher site to your domain using FTP

You will make all the relevant changes on your local PC using Microsoft Publisher and then use FTP to upload these changes to the hosting server.

After you have made your changes and saved your publisher file:

From Microsoft Publisher, select the option : File->Publish to the web

Select a folder on your hard disk, such as your desktop or somewhere in your documents where you can easily get to the files again and type in : index.htm in the file name field.


After you have selected the 'Save' button, you will get the following message, just select OK 


You will now see that Microsoft Publisher has created a file called index.htm as well as a folder called 'index_files' in the folder that you have specified. The file with the .pub extension is the actual Microsoft Publisher file itself. You cannot upload this file to the server, it won't show anything, you need to publish the pages in HTML format, which is what we have just done.  


Now you need to download and install the FTP program that you will use to upload these files to the internet. I recommend that you use CoreFTP, it has a simple interface and is a no-nonsense FTP program.

Download a copy from, you can get the download link here:

Click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button and save the file on your desktop


Double click on the file to install the software – choose ‘Run’ as the option


You have now installed CoreFTP on your PC and can use it to upload files to your web hosting server.

Please note that this icon does NOT have the .exe behind it. The first icon that you created (with the .exe) was the downloaded file from This icon is the extracted, installed file ready for use to start uploading or downloading your files.

To prevent confusion, delete the first icon that says: coreftplite.exe from your desktop and remember to use the icon that says Core FTP Lite (as below).








Double click on Core FTP Lite to run it.


Log into your website using your own domain url, username and password that was sent to you originally for your Control panel (cpanel) and click on the 'Connect' button.

In this screenprint the example is for ANOTHER website, so please do not try to use, it will not work – please use your own website information as supplied to you.

You will get to the server and will see the folders of your server in the RIGHT hand block. Please check and see if you can see the 'public_html' folder (see next page) Double click on the folder to go into the directory (public_html).

If you have not uploaded your site before, this folder should be empty (it might have a folder for cgi_bin and a file called .htaccess, but apart from that there should not really be anything else). If you are making changes to an existing site that you have uploaded previously, you will see your website files there – index.htm as well as a folder called index_files. If you had made any changes to your site, you need to upload all the files again to the server.

On the LEFT hand side is your local PC. Go to the folder where you have 'Published' your Microsoft Publisher files.


Select the folder called index_files and the file called index.htm in the left box by clicking on each while holding in the CTRL button, then click on the big BLUE arrow (see below) to upload the files to the server.